Sunday, 17 April 2011


Yes, I'm alive. I've neglected blogging for a while for several reasons. I'm totally swamped with work, we had a death in the family and I also landed myself in hospital. Again. Thankfully this time it was only for 4 days, but it did involve some fairly big surgery as it was for a nasty fracture with some complications. Yes, I'm an idiot for fracturing a bone. We have finally hit Easter holidays now though, so I'm catching up on rest, my social life and some work that I missed due to recuperation time for the broken bone. Safe to say due to impending doom (exams) I won't be blogging much now until August, but I do promise to stay around on the blog a bit more, and currently am welcoming suggestions for things you want me to blog about, so leave a suggestion in the comments box or email me and let me know!

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  1. Hello! =)
    Just randomly stumbled on your blog and been reading through the posts, and can I just say, personally I think you are an inspiration. First, with your 'invisible diasbility' - having the courage to talk about it on here, and be sad about it, and cry about it - the strength to do that is awe-inspiring. Also, the fact that you're still in Medical school - even as hard as it is. I am a soon to be medic (hopefully and by God's grace), and I hope I can be as emotionally, mentally strong and as tenacious as you are. Even being able to maintain a long distance relationship! amazing!
    I am sure you're very intelligent as well. I'm not sure, but in some weird way, your blog is an inspiration. You are an inspiration. The struggles you are going through, and the strength you are exhibiting as you are go through them is inspirational (I know1 I've used the word alot)
    I shall be dropping by whenever I have the time . Just keep being you, and keep writing, and keep fighting! Trust're absolutely excellent! I know it's weird that I can say all these things just from reading your blog...but I'm not a weirdo or anything like that! =)

    Take care of yourself!...


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