Thursday, 1 July 2010

1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep....

It seems I've become an insomniac. I haven't slept properly since last Tuesday. I'm currently surviving on 1-3 hours a night. 3 is good. Very good. It's making me feel horrific, I'm having horrible dreams, it's not doing me any favours healthwise (I have apparently some strange viral infection that is playing games with my heart rate and making me feel generally rather bizarre.). I want to go running, in the hope that it'll burn me out, but I can't risk it with my lungs being as rubbish as they are. All I want is sleep and I just can't get it. Any ideas for things to help? Sleeping tablets aren't working (prescribed ones. I have two types and neither seem to be doing anything.) neither are hot baths, lavender oil, milky drinks. Suggestions needed!! I need some sleep! I have an exam on Monday and my stress levels are even higher cos I'm not sleeping.


  1. I had chronic insomnia the first time I went to university. Alongside all the standard tips, I found the following helped

    * have a standard going to bed routine, and always get up at the same time regardless of whether you have slept or not. Painful, but you need to retrain your body

    * Melatonin

    * write a list of your stresses an hour before bed. Realise you can't fix them at 11pm at night

    * realise that missing sleep is not the end of the world. Much of the stress is about not sleeping... which leads to not sleeping! If you don't fall alseep in an hour, get up for a while, do something relaxing, then try again

    * cut out all alcohol and caffeine for a while, and stick to low-GI foods in the evening

    * I've heard light lamp alarms are help, as are massages and gentle exercise, like a long walk in the evening

    Hope you find some rest soon!

  2. most of what sarah said is true.. i've never had trouble sleeping. lie down even if you don't sleep at the same time everyday and sleeping pills are frankly a waste of time if u ask me.
    another thing sarah didn't mention is avoid daytime naps even if you are feeling sleepy in the day don't sleep 'cause u won't sleep properly at night!

  3. its less likely that you have a virus causing heart rate problems and more likely due to exhaustion

  4. Thanks doctorplacebo - I was told by my doctor that it was mostly likely the virus causing the heart rate issues as my pulse was flipping from 80 to 140+ within seconds to minutes with me completely at rest and not at all tired. They've subsided to a degree over the last few days thankfully. Suprisingly the palpitations and chest pain are less so as I've become more and more exhausted. Whichever way - it was more annoying than worrying! I had to stop and sit down in a comfortable position. Was never hyperventilating or short of breath.


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