Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Back in Business

Sorry guys - the blog went private so I could make a few tweaks and changes to the site and comments.

Change number 1:

You need to be signed in to make a comment - no more of this anonymous slagging me off business. If you're going to insult me, at least be man (or woman) enough to admit who you are instead of this cowardly hiding behind a keyboard.

Change number 2:

All comments are being moderated. Didn't want to do it but, as people continue to use the comments of my blog to try and put me down and give me a bad reputation, it has to happen. Sorry but I no longer have a choice about this.

Change number 3:

The top of my blog now states its exact purpose. It may sound selfish, but really, this is my diary, and whilst I'm happy for people to comment and ask me stuff, I will answer eventually, but it is for me ultimately, and on here, I'm putting myself first for a change.

Change number 4:

My contact details are now down the side of the blog, with a link to my twitter page.

Change number 5:

The big image of me is gone - just didn't like having it there. Instead is a wonderful picture of an air ambulance that I believe is in Austria. Clicking on it takes you to the source.


  1. it's a good thing to have your comments moderated, if some sicko is trying to discourage you. i wish you the very best in your endeavour and don't worry about that assignment. things like that just happen, take it as a boost and start reading more, i am a 3rd yr medical student and i know how tough 2nd yr is...
    although 3rd yr is slightly cooler!
    enjoy medical school, you'll never get the oppurtunity to see so many specialities at the same time!
    - hugs Alujna

  2. Yay, glad you're back blogging. The moderating comments thing is definitely worth doing, noone is interested in reading spiteful comments anyway! xxx


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